July 23, 2023

Trusting God’s Timing and Sovereignty

Written by Shana Schutte

Delays are not dictators of your destiny.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – July 23, 2023

The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17 

You may have heard me mention in a recent devotional that I received unpleasant news from a doctor indicating that I may have cancer in my elbow. 

Since then, I have learned it could be a bone infection, but I’m waiting to learn more after an upcoming biopsy. 

This difficult trial began when I hit my elbow on the towel rack in our master bathroom. I hit it so hard that it took the towel rack out of the wall. I thought I fractured my elbow. 

The first doctor told me my elbow fracture was healing fine, and that I could even start working out once again. 

A second doctor told me it wasn’t healing, and that I have cancer. 

A third doctor told me the fracture was healed and that I have tendonitis. 

After a second MRI, the third doctor told me he was mistaken and that I did have something growing in my elbow.

Then a fourth doctor told me it’s an infection or a tumor—and that my elbow was never broken. 

While all of these doctor appointments and varied diagnoses have been taking place, three months have passed, my injury hasn’t healed and the fourth doctor has said that my elbow bone is being eaten away. 

Today, I learned that I won’t be able to get a biopsy for another two weeks, three weeks from my last doctor appointment. (We are seeking another doctor to do the procedure sooner.) 

At first, I was understandably upset given what I have been told about what’s happening with my elbow bone. Then, Acts 17:28 came to mind: “For in him we live and move and have our being.” 

My very life is in His hands. My very breath is in His hands. My body is in His hands. My elbow is in His hands. It doesn’t matter how slow men are. God is in control. He is sustaining me. He made me. He can heal me—and I believe that time will come. 

When trials come knocking, we want to immediately rid ourselves of them. We want to skip over the pain. We want to make things work out according to our timing. But God has His timing. We are not unseen. We are not unloved. We are not overlooked. 

While we are waiting on God to deliver us, He is working out a plan that will glorify Him and delight us with how powerful He is and how much He loves us. As I write, I am reminding myself that each day, I am closer to healing, closer to being delivered, and closer to seeing Him show up and show off! 

As much as I want to skip over this trial, as much as I want it to disappear right now, as many tears I have cried to ask to be delivered immediately, I have to walk it out until the Lord rescues me. Until then, I will hold tightly to Him, knowing that He will prove faithful. 

And until then, I believe the truth that God is greater than the affairs of men, that delays are not dictators of my destiny. God is in control—and in His sovereignty, He is holding my life—and elbow—in His hands. 

Are you waiting on God to show up? Remember, He is holding you firmly and He will prove faithful. And, if you would, I would greatly appreciate your prayer for healing and for continued peace. Thank you. 

“Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress” (Psalm 107:6). 


Lord, when I am not immediately delivered, help me to remember that you are in control. Help me hold tight to you, knowing you will rescue me at the perfect time. Amen.


Talk to Jesus and tell Him you trust Him, that you know He will show up at the right time.

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