December 8, 2009

The Lord’s Defense

Written by Boyd Bailey

The Lord’s Defense… “I have not wronged you, but you are doing me wrong by waging war against me. Let the Lord, the Judge, decide the dispute…” Judges 11:27 a

People may accuse you of wrong, when in fact they are wrong. You want to admit your mistakes and become a better person. If, however, the motive of your accuser is not right, or if he or she is appealing to your guilt and emotions, then reject their false accusations. When the facts are on your side, be patient and wait on the Lord to defend you.

God would not have you caught up in a lot of sideways energy and activity and be distracted from the best use of your time. Some people are very persuasive and convincing with their words, but their character is lacking and their arguments do not add up. Do not lower yourself to their level and react to their lambasting with an equal fury of words. They do not deserve that much time, attention and worry. Prayer is your posture.

It is like the bully on the playground trying to get your attention, and to get others to cower to his intimidating ways. God is not intimidated by fear tactics and neither should we. So how do we trust the Lord to defend us in difficult situations? How do we work with a caustic critic who is unreasonable? Seek to stay above the fray of angry arguments.

As you trust the Lord to defend what is right, keep your heart pure. You will be tempted to lash back with infuriating words or, at the other extreme, acquiesce to your critic’s demands. Neither of these options is best. What is right is to stand your ground, to involve other people as may become appropriate, to seek mediation, and to remain friendly, firm and fair. You may need to seek legal counsel in order to make sure you are following the due process of the law.

However, your ability to do what is right under a firestorm of criticism from someone you thought was a friend can be redemptive in the long run. Maybe your critic will wake up to the realities of what’s right. Your short-term pain and patience will hopefully save another from long-term trials. God is the ultimate defender of you and His truth.

You cannot keep your reputation stellar and polished, but your Savior can cleanse your soiled status in the community. Submit to Him and trust Him during this lowly time of litigation, because God is the final say in what is right or wrong. He will judge fairly, now or in eternity. You can sleep at night because God is in control of this situation. Your appeal is to Almighty God. Do I trust the Lord with my defense and my critics?

Related Readings: Psalm 68:5; Isaiah 19:20; 2 Timothy 4:16; 1 John 2:1

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