December 17, 2009

Intelligent Design

Written by Boyd Bailey

Intelligent Design… “They lay their crowns before the throne and say: ‘You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4:10 b-11

God is the intelligence behind the design of creation and life. He is the architect of the universe and the engineer of eternal life. He is the wisdom behind the world. The soft, pinkish blue sunset, He designed. The brilliant, bold and bright sunrise cascading over the treetops, He designed. The pure snow capped mountains projecting toward heaven in reverence, He designed. The luscious green and gorgeous vegetation, He designed.

The deep blue seas and the baby blue sky, He designed. The furry and sometimes ferocious predator-like animals, He designed. The multicolored bugs and beetles, He designed. The chirping sparrows, the clacking seagulls and the hovering hummingbirds, He designed. Fish, shrimp, whales and penguins, He designed. Most fascinating, the intricate design make up of water and flesh, called the human body, He designed.

He is the Intelligent Designer of earth and mankind. It takes more arrogance than faith to believe otherwise. He gave us intelligence to understand that He is the Intelligent Designer. If we cannot accept that God is behind intelligent design then we are not being intellectually honest. The evidence is overwhelming. Its affirmation quietly rests within our hearts. Its confirmation floods our mind and its declaration explodes from our mouths.

He cannot be ignored. Ironically, some who claim superior intelligence reject God as the Intelligent One. This is the pitfall of pride. Pride blinds us to the simple truth that we are not the smartest. Intellectual snobs conjecture, contrive, conjure up, complicate and compromise Christ as creator God. Intelligent design is easy to accept for Christians, since faith in Christ moves man from the center of the universe to worship the Creator of the universe.

Because of God’s vast creation that is validated by His intelligent design, He deserves our utmost for His highest. He is worthy of our praise, and adoration and all glory goes to Him. It is no accident that heaven is full of hilarious halleluiahs on behalf of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Heaven is a raucous revival of real live worship for Christ who was slain for our sins. In heaven there is no debate over who reigns over heaven and earth. It is a settled issue. For the object of our affection is Jesus and all our gratitude is to Him.

Anything good than has been accomplished by God through you will be laid at the feet of Jesus. Your crown of rewards will not be proudly worn on your head; rather it will be placed before the lowest spot in front of Christ. Heaven is all about Him. Just like Christmas is all about Christ, our time on earth is all about our preparation for Him in heaven.

Worship of Him on earth is but an appetizing morsel of what we will have to feast upon when we gaze upon His face in glory. Jesus is the reason for the season. His design of you and creation, is not only intelligent, it is good. Therefore, worship Him now in preparation of worshiping Him later. All our praise and honor, all power and all glory go to God! He desires it and He deserves it. His intelligent design honors the Intelligent One.

Do I have an intelligent understanding of God’s intelligent design? How can I grow my understanding of my Creator, so I can creatively communicate it to His creation?

Related Readings: Psalm 22:27-31; Psalm 36:6-7; Mark 10:10; Romans 1:18-23

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