June 30, 2010

Real Life Wisdom Hunter: Emily

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Name: Emily Shupert

Occupation: Christian Counselor specializing in teen and women’s issues

Fun/interesting fact about you: I’ve lived in 7 different cities in the past 7 yrs.

One sentence summary: Atlanta based Christian counselor who is deeply dedicated to personal, spiritual and professional growth

How long have you been a wisdom hunter (passionate follower of Christ)? I’ve been pursuing God since childhood but didn’t experientially know His grace and salvation until my 20’s. At that point, the message of his hope and healing penetrated my heart and I’ve never been the same since.

What wisdom have you been learning from scripture lately? Anything and everything on humility. Even if I’m the wisest person alive, God will not use me if my pride gets in the way. I see pride is a greenhouse for sin, especially for those in the church who think they are above certain decisions and sins. Pride allows believers to rationalize, minimize and cover up sin. In efforts to not be blinded by my sin, I ask that the Lord would “show me all my anxious thoughts/hidden thoughts and lead me to the path of righteousness” Ps. 139:23

Wisdom Hunters is based on Proverbs 13:20, what is the most impactful word of wisdom you have received from a fellow wisdom hunter? One of my mentors told me a great truth that I use when working with clients often. It has profound wisdom to it and I share it with others. He said, “Grace means that Jesus loves me so much that I can be fully exposed in my darkness and He brings light there. Its not until I’m able to see just how dark my sin is that I’m able to see how profound His love is for me and how truly amazing is His grace!”

While I didn’t fully know what he was saying at the time, I listened intently and asked the Lord to be real in my life like he was in my mentors. Thankfully, God has shown Himself to me in this way and I believe that it has made a huge impact in how I see others, myself and God.

Any tips for new wisdom hunters? Maybe it is the work I’m in where dispensing wisdom is continually needed or maybe it is just the message I was told growing up, but wisdom is paramount. I encourage my clients to take a paradigm shift from thinking is it “wrong” or “right” to is it “wise” or “unwise” because this offers them a different perspective. Doing or not doing things out of fear of something being wrong or right brings about ridgid and legalistic thinking. It makes God out to be a hall monitor instead of a Father who wants the best for His kids. I like asking if something is wise or unwise because it allows greater perspective and the ability to look beyond rigid moralistic thinking and towards a healthy and God honoring pathway.

We’ve got to ask…why are you a fan of Wisdom Hunters? I really respect Boyd’s perspective and I noticed the WH Facebook Fan page was hoppin’ so wanted to join the party and see what it was all about!

Any last piece of wisdom you want to share with your fellow wisdom hunters? Keep walking in the light and seek His wisdom first.

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