July 7, 2010

Real Life Wisdom Hunter: David

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Name: David Deeter

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: CPA

One sentence that describes you: Just a guy from a modest background that this country and God has been good to.

One fun/interesting fact about you: Was voted 1975 Mr. South DeKalb Highschool

How long have you been a wisdom hunter (passionate follower of Christ)? Since the age of 29, so 25 years

What wisdom have you been learning from scripture lately? Lately I’ve been reading in the book of Jude and have really been struck by how the Bible and ancient figures continue to be active and relevant to our lives today. The Bible is same, yesterday, today and forever.

Wisdom Hunters is based on Proverbs 13:20, what is the most impactful word of wisdom you have received from a fellow wisdom hunter? Iron sharpens iron and accountability is essential for every person especially as a Christian businessmen

Any tips for new wisdom hunters? Find some like-minded Christian friends and study God’s Word together

We’ve got to ask…why are you a fan of Wisdom Hunters devotional? I really like how the WH daily devotional is always in my email box first thing in the morning! It gets my day off to a fantastic start.

Any last piece of wisdom you want to share with your fellow wisdom hunters? The Christian journey is a marathon not a sprint, you need tools like Wisdom Hunters to help you finish strong.

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