December 10, 2007

On My Heart…

Written by Boyd Bailey

Honoring Dad

This is an emotional week for me. My dad went to heaven December 10, 2000. It is hard because I miss him. I miss his corny jokes and his rough personality. I miss his arm chair politics and his latest fad like collecting coins, or searching for coins with his cheesy metal detector. I would cherish the opportunity for another conversation with my dad. So, make sure you take the time to invest in your parents over the holidays. Be patient with their quirks and learn from their experiences. This may be your last Christmas together.

Below is an excerpt from my journal three days before he died…

Dad is ready for heaven. Physically, emotionally and spiritually he is ready. His physically pain is driving him to despair. I mostly listen and pray silently. Occasionally, I attempt to comfort him with loving truth, ‘These bodies wear out, we have a much better place to look forward to in heaven’. However, I mostly held his hand and wept dry tears. I prayed for my Heavenly Father to comfort and love my earthy father as only He can. By faith and by God’s grace, I left him in the long loving arms of Jesus.

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