April 17, 2024

Necessary Endings

Written by Boyd Bailey

Ignoring necessary endings only delays compounding pain and/or provides false security.”

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – April 17, 2024

When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners…But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:6,8

Sometimes in life, it’s easy to get started but hard to stop. Enthusiastically, you started a job, but when do you stop? You started volunteering with great joy, but maybe now it’s not as fulfilling. It may be time to transition out. Healthy relationships start strong, but if neglected, they grow unhealthy and need to pause and be healed. Necessary endings require confidence in the time of God’s will, as His will is what’s best for everyone involved.

Jesus’s death was a necessary ending to be the sacrifice for the sin of the human race. His death and resurrection were God’s will, but you ask, couldn’t he have accomplished so much more if he had lived a longer life? Yes, he could’ve healed more people if he had more time, but in the fullness of time, His death on the cross gave eternal life to all who believe in Jesus, their savior and Lord. Jesus’ death was a necessary ending, so we have the opportunity to begin life with God. Christ’s life ending, gave the gift of eternal life.

Death is a necessary ending that requires preparation. An unprepared life misses God’s forgiveness and abundant life. A life that ends without knowing God through Jesus Christ will be separated from God and eternity. But a prepared life can face death with peace, comfort, and hope. A prepared life accepts necessary endings as God’s plan. 

Henry Cloud, in his very helpful book Necessary Endings, shares wisdom on how to help end harmful bad behavior,

When a spouse says to the alcoholic, “you need to go to AA,” that is obviously not true. The addict feels no need to do that at all and isn’t. But when she says, “I am moving out and will be open to getting back together when you are getting treatment for your addiction,” then all of a sudden, the addict feels, “I need to get some help, or I am going to lose my marriage.” The need has been transferred. It is the same with any kind of problematic behavior of a person who is not taking feedback and ownership. The need and drive to do something about it must be transferred to that person, and that is done through having consequences that finally make him feel the pain instead of others. When he feels the pain, he will feel the need to change…A plan that has hope is one that limits your exposure to the foolish person’s issues and forces him to feel the consequences of his performance so that he might have hope of waking up and changing.

What in your life needs to end? Unhealthy relationships? A controlling work environment? An overindulgence of food, alcohol, or drugs? Ignoring necessary endings only delays compounding pain and/or provides false security. Face necessary endings by faith, trusting the Lord to lead you through a prayerful process. And by faith, remove anything in your life that hinders your relationship with God. Begin fresh by faith to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Most importantly, celebrate that God’s generous love for you never ends!


Heavenly Father, give me the wisdom to discern necessary endings and the courage to make hard decisions through Christ’s love. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Are you facing a necessary ending? What process is the Holy Spirit leading you to follow?

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