January 16, 2016

God’s Wisdom

Written by Boyd Bailey

God’s Wisdom 1.16

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – January 16, 2016 

I will do what you have asked. I will give you a wise and discerning heart. 1 Kings 3: 12

The wisdom of God goes beyond your ability to understand right and wrong. It gets to the heart of the matter. Wisdom asks: Why do you want to do what you want to do? What is your motive? Are you third? Are your priorities God first, others second, and you third?

Opportunities should become options to further God’s Kingdom, rather than a way to exploit your power and status. This is the motive God looks for to pour out his blessing of wisdom (Ecclesiastes 2:26). He is looking for centered people whose heart’s desire is to obey God and follow His ways. Yes, books can increase your knowledge, but only God can bestow wisdom upon you. In fact, knowledge can work against you if it just feeds your ego and pride. Knowledge can even be a turn-off. People are attracted to what you do with what you know. They want to see you apply the truth you have acquired. This is wisdom. Wisdom is taking the perspective of God and transforming the human worldview.

So you decide not to marry someone because it is not the wise thing to do. They are a nice person, intelligent, financially secure, and even religious, but they lack an unselfishness and commitment to you and God. Wisdom is a God thing that only comes from Him.

God’s wisdom comes from God and is received through a heart of character. God does not entrust His thoughts to someone who will prostitute his wisdom for wrong purposes. He is looking for a heart of humility and honesty: someone who, like a child, says, “I need you and I need your direction, and without the wisdom of God, I am lost and unclear on God’s ways.” Humility is the gateway to wisdom (Proverbs 11:2). It sustains it. Your humility means you are teachable to learn from God.

Your honesty means you will use God’s wisdom in an honorable way. Wisdom can be used to settle disputes between individuals or organizations. It can assist you in becoming an expert in your career. Wisdom extracts nuggets of knowledge and becomes a paintbrush in the hands of a skilled artist who can translate information into a beautiful portrait. Wisdom can lead you in your decision-making, so you consistently ask, “What is the wise thing to do?” You search the Scriptures daily, and God fills your wisdom basket. You hang out with wise people and learn from their mistakes and from their wise decisions. Wisdom is not microwavable; it marinates in your mind and becomes digestible over time.

Therefore, be patient. Talk to God about your need for wisdom and seek godly counsel. He will answer your prayer. The other things that consume your thinking will take care of themselves. Wisdom eventually wins. It is a steady and sure road. Because of your responsible pace, you can avoid some of the potholes of life instead of racing through life, swerving in and out of bad decisions, and eventually crashing. Ask God for wisdom. It is His reward (Proverbs 9:12). Wisdom is a wise request.

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