January 4, 2016

God is faithful and His Word is true

Written by Wisdom Hunters

God is faithful and His Word is true. I am in a season of growing. I am growing because my husband and I (who are both believers of Christ Jesus) are separated. The situation has required faith. I didn’t realize until now that my walk with God was not strong. Through this test and trial your daily devotions have encouraged me in wisdom. I am no longer worried about tomorrow for I know tomorrow will take care of itself. I know God loves both my husband and I. My desire is that God restores us, but I understand that He wants to be first in our lives. I don’t care how bad it looks right now, after reading through several of your devotions and turning to the Word of God, He has renewed my strength. My battle is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities in high places. I will continue to read your devotions and speak God’s Word over my situation. When God answers my prayer and my marriage is restored. I will be sure to write you back. Until then, I will proclaim victory, keep praying and keep trusting God my Father. Thank you for your daily emails.

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