March 4, 2020

Beware of Deceptive Hypocrisy

Written by Boyd Bailey

Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – March 4, 2020

And as they were sailing across the lake, Jesus repeatedly warned them, “Be on your guard against the yeast (hypocrisy, Luke 12:1) inside of the Pharisees and the yeast inside of Herod.”  Mark 8:15, TPT

Jesus describes two groups of leaders within the institutions of religion and politics. Both represent one thing—what’s best for their constituents, but deceptively live out another—a self-absorbed agenda to benefit themselves and their friends. Religious and political power are dangerous—in need of a warning sign attached, “Warning: if used without humility and accountability, will destroy relationships, corrupt institutions and lead culture into chaos.” 

Why did Jesus repeatedly warn His disciples, and why were their hearts too hard to accept this truth of religious and political hypocrisy in leadership? Because Jesus knows what’s in the hearts of human beings, He is able to discern insincerity and call it out before it takes advantage of a trusting soul. As a follower of Jesus, He calls us to trust and verify, to be gentle as doves, and shrewd as serpents. We sometimes contribute to our resentment by lazily taking a person at his word, instead of seeking to confirm his integrity. Beware: a little hypocrisy can grow into a lot.

“Make sure you are not influenced by the hypocrisy and phoniness of the religious leaders. It permeates everything they do and teach, for they are merely serving their own interests” (Luke 12:1, TPT). 

Yeast slowly and quietly causes dough to rise. It transforms, a subtle chemical reaction overtaking its host. In spiritual terms the old yeast of law based living has been replaced by the new yeast of grace based living; the results of Christ’s final sacrifice for sin on the cross. The old yeast puffs up with pride, malice and wickedness—while the new yeast-less bread fills us with the spirit of humility, sincerity and truth (see, 1 Corinthians 5:6-8). New leavened living loves and follows the Lord. Make sure you are fed by the bread of life, so you can give life. 

Allow the Holy Spirit to knead into your soul the yeast of God’s Kingdom, inspired to influence the culture with Christ. A life that forgives does not hold grudges and releases resentments. A life that loves, loves especially those hard to love. A life that is content with life, true life, not striving for a false self, but resting in its true self. Beware of hypocrisy and embrace authenticity. 

“Again he asked, “What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all through the dough” (Luke 13:20-21).


Heavenly Father knead into my faith the yeast of your Kingdom for your glory, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


What old way of living do I need to replace with the Spirit’s new way of living?

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Exodus 12:15-39; 1 Corinthians 5:6-8; Galatians 5:9

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