June 23, 2010

Real Life Wisdom Hunter: Amy

Written by Boyd Bailey

Name: Amy Young

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Business Dev. Mgr.

One sentence that describes you: A caring and compassionate woman who is enjoying being a wife and mother of two middle school age boys.

One fun/interesting fact about you: In my freshman year in college, my roommates introduced me to a guy in our dorm and immediately after meeting him I made the statement ” I”m going to marry him someday.” We’re celebrating our 19th anniversary this year.

How long have you been a wisdom hunter (passionate follower of Christ)? 13 years

What wisdom have you been learning from scripture lately? Faith without works is dead. It’s not enough to just possess knowledge but that he has called believers to take care of the least and the lost and make Him known to them. Where He is leading me ultimately is yet to be revealed but God is definitely changing my heart towards those things that break his.

Wisdom Hunters is based on Proverbs 13:20, what is the most impactful word of wisdom you have received from a fellow wisdom hunter? There are many impactful wisdom points and guiding principals that I have encountered from other believers . However, one that has resonated in my heart the most and one that I am trying to live out is to submit my ordinary life for God’s extraordinary work.

Any tips for new wisdom hunters? I love to use the WH devotional as a starting point in my personal worship time. It always is filled with sound biblical wisdom that directs me to the associated scripture and ultimately to prayer.

We’ve got to ask…why are you a fan of Wisdom Hunters blog and Facebook fan page? What I like about the WH blog is the different perspectives and insight from other Wisdom Hunters. I may be reflecting on a verse or a particular biblical principal and the blog is another great resource for understanding.

Any last piece of wisdom you want to share with your fellow wisdom hunters? Enjoy it, meditate on it and above all, share it!

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