July 14, 2010

Real Life Wisdom Hunter: Matt

Written by Wisdom Hunters

Name: Matt Fredenberg

Hometown: Milton, Ga

Occupation: Small Business Owner

One sentence that describes you: I love people!

One fun/interesting fact about you: I can lick my nose with my tongue!

How long have you been a wisdom hunter (passionate follower of Christ)? Since Freshman year of College (Fall 2002)

What wisdom have you been learning from scripture lately? Jesus is so much bigger. He is bigger than my issues. He is bigger than the issues of the lost. Jesus loves us so much!

Wisdom Hunters is based on Proverbs 13:20, what is the most impactful word of wisdom you have received from a fellow wisdom hunter? To wait patiently on the Lord and to listen. Also to pray bold prayers and seek out those wise in Truth.

Any tips for new wisdom hunters? Find someone you respect that loves Jesus and get to know their heart! Take time to listen and ask lots of questions- iron sharpens iron!

We’ve got to ask…why are you a fan of Wisdom Hunters? I need daily doses of Truth. I love getting twitter updates on my phone in the middle of a stressful day. The updates are little nuggets of goodness!

Any last piece of wisdom you want to share with your fellow wisdom hunters? Love Big. Ask Jesus to break your heart for the lost and to guide your conversations with much love and grace!

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