November 14, 2008

A real-life miracle

Written by Boyd Bailey

I’d like to introduce you to Marcia and Rob McCure, who are friends of Ministry Ventures. I have known them for over 20 years and watched them walk with Jesus through the high mountain tops and the lowest of valleys. Please celebrate with us her story of God’s healing and faithfulness!


In November 2003, Marcia was diagnosed with Leukemia, treated for several months, and declared to be in remission the next March. In June 2005, the Leukemia returned in the form of a brain tumor. The only chance she was given for recovery long term was with a bone marrow transplant, which they declined because of the extraordinary process and the slim chance for success.

Instead, Marcia chose to be treated with radiation for the brain tumor and chemotherapy for the Leukemia and was released from the hospital in September, declared as in remission again in October, but given no chance for living past the next year.

Here they are, almost three years later, and she is in good health. They say that they know that this healing is from Jesus, the only One who can heal anything. The One who can heal physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally!

For some the healing comes when a believer meets Jesus face-to-face, but for now He has decided to give Marcia some more years with her husband and with us. To God be the glory, great things He has done – and continues to do.

If you live close to Marietta, Georgia, please stop by their flower shop at Robb’s Flowers of the Field and greet them.
In Christ,


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